Scott Seward

Scott Seward wrote frequently for the Village Voice music section from 1999 to 2006. Since 2006, he has written monthly for Decibel Magazine. He also owns and operates John Doe Jr. Used Records & Books in Greenfield, Massachusetts.



"Puerto Ricans, Black Men, and No Less Than One Dominican: Slammin' the Rock with Todd Terry, Chep Nuñez , Blade Runners, and The Blue Jean Regime – An Exegesis of 1990's Warlock Records War Party Compilation Sliced and Edited in the Style Of Omar Santana"

In the late 1980’s, new sounds in dance music were being created in cities such as Detroit, Chicago, and London, and attention was shifting away from the progenitors of New York underground house and electro. But New York City wasn’t sleeping. New York City is actually physically incapable of sleeping. A new breed of New York DJs and music-makers – as well as some seasoned pros- reacted to the changing international house and techno landscape with aplomb. They not only took cues and ideas from the Chicago house playbook, but also incorporated the native sounds of Latin freestyle and rap into their songs, creating a vibrant home-grown form where everything and anything was fair game. There are few places where this roughly three year period of creative ferment (1987-1990) is more evident than on the 2LP Warlock Records War Party compilation released in 1990. By the turn of the decade, house music and techno would create both the C+C Music Factory and a thriving business in day-glo pacifiers. War Party is a snapshot of something different. Of a path not taken, perhaps. Of mostly New York artists, of many ethnicities, at the height of their powers feeling and feeding off of the energy that was pulsing around the globe and turning it into an inspirational call to arms for fans and artists of the urban club music underground.

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