Marika Hughes

Brooklyn-based cellist Marika Hughes was born in NYC to a musical family. She is the granddaughter of famed cellist Emanuel Feuermann and she grew up in her parents jazz club, Burgundy, on the Upper West Side. Marika recently debuted as a bandleader with her album The Simplest Thing (2011). She also released Afterlife Music Radio - 11 New Pieces for Solo Cello (2011) with compositions written for her by Carla Kihlstedt, Nasheet Waits, Eyvind Kang and others.



"The Church of What's Happening Now: Improv 2012 and the Cosmopolitan Truth"

This gathering will examine the economics, aesthetics and ethnicities of improvisational music culture in present-day NYC. It will include special emphasis on how older definitions of jazz, neo-classical, dance, rock, folk, global, breakbeat and fusion have been provoked, transformed and morphed by contemporary urban artists and audiences. The role of digital technologies and social media will be in the mix too. The panelists will also look at how race, class and gender issues have been addressed by present-day practitioners, and how gentrification has affected the communities and venues available to the city's contemporary improvising community.