Jasmine Garsd

Jasmine Garsd is an Argentine journalist living in the United States. She has worked for a number of NPR programs, including Morning Edition, Talk of the Nation, and Latino USA, and is the creator and host of the NPR Music show alt.latino, a weekly program that focuses on Latin alternative music.


"From Ricky to Rita: Homosexuality in Today's Latin/o American Music"

In March 2010, Ricky Martin, one of Latin’s music most popular artists worldwide, spoke publicly for the first time about his homosexuality. Perhaps the most striking aspect of Martin’s coming out statement was the relative indifference with which it was received. In this presentation I engage Tavia Nyong’o’s challenge to explain this indifference and try to answer his question, “doesn’t sexuality matter anymore?” I explore how queer Latin/o pop musicians, from indie Rita Indiana to mainstream Ricky Martin, engage with today’s sexual politics, and also consider the changing dynamics these artists have with their audiences, both straight and gay.