Barry Jenkins

Barry Jenkins is the director of the 2008 indie film Medicine for Melancholy, which charts the roaming and the restlessness of young black characters (the New York Times would unfortunately tag them “blipsters”) who define themselves through an urban independent rock counterculture that refuses to acknowledge their presence, that continues to ignore a thoughtful and spirited engagement with “blackness.”


""Do You Want More?" The Time and Space of Alternative Sonic Blackness"

In 1961’s “Your Mama: 12 Moods for Jazz,” Langston Hughes sprawled and stretched his blues across space and time, using the poem as a portal to move from “the quarter of the Negroes” to Leontyne Price on the concert hall stage, from rural blues cultures to bebop cosmopolitan enclaves, from Cuban dance halls to jazz funeral marching bands. Hughes traced an electrifying cartography of diverse black sounds that shaped global cities in distinct and varying ways.

“Do You Want More?” takes up Hughes charge to explore the diversity of black sonic forms emerging from diverse cultural regions. In this roundtable, participants will explore music at a moment when regions are becoming nodes in a global network. The migration of sounds and ideas across time and place encourages synthesis; giving rise to avant garde, radical, and futurist voices. What (other) worlds open up and what (outer)spaces are formed? How do regional sites remix global flows? What factors/forces enable or prohibit certain voices from finding an audience in the national, global or cyber scene? In our celebration of the global reach and range of music today, what ways do we need to recognize the specificity and histories of place? Has globalization rendered urban exchanges subsidiary? How do we reconcile organicism of sound, as musicians produce out of particular worlds, with the reckless and restless ways music circulates?